Transform Your Optical retail business to a powerful, profitable & peaceful business.

  • Control your business on the move
  • Use Mobile phones, Tablets, PCs / Laptops.
  • Enjoy Enterprise wide information flow and total control
  • Intelligent investment on the Inventory, buy latest & necessary
  • Offer World class customer service
  • Motivate customers to buy regularly across stores
  • Motivate Sales force for better organizational Growth
  • Improve your profitability steadily


For a retail optical chain, the best way to be efficient and exercise control on the business is to employ Centralized purchase & selective distribution to its stores across cities.

OptimNet 3.4 provides these powerful features so that a retail chain procures materials from various suppliers and stores at one place, [May be a warehouse].

At this centralized location, each product is entered and Priced with barcoding technology. Later they are selectively grouped and shipped to various stores across the country.

HO packs up the consignment to the store physically and the stock data is transferred via software to the store.


Stock is received physically by stores by Stock transfer acceptance procedure after verification with the physical stock.

At any point of time, Individual store data is available at the stores and HO as well.

As a sale is made, the inventory of the sold items get reduced automatically.


Optical business is also called as business of lenses. The lenses are the core part of this business and this must be understood well by optician practices. Similarly, the quality must be maintained at each step from procurement to delivery with care.

Anush Infobase has understood this process & quality requirement & with due diligence and have incorporated all these features in OptimNet 4.4.

  • All the lenses booked at stores are instantly available at HO’s lens procurement center.
  • Once the lenses are available, lenses are received with user authentication.
  • These lenses are moved into Quality check, Later Edging, Inspection step, and later Shipped to respective stores, with Authentication.

As the lenses are moved into these processes, the status of the lenses of each order will be available to the Stores.This helps the user to keep a tab on their lenses and offer better service to their customers.


Messaging system helps to send messages to selected stores or all stores such as "14th April to 21st Aril, you can offer discounts upto 25% on all spectacle orders". This avoids calling all the stores and informing them. Also helpful incase e-mails are not used as a regular business communication channel.

Chat controls helps 2 stores to interact right within OptimNe t 3.4 & exchange valuable info.


In a retail chain, its highly common to move employees across stores wherever there is a need. This rotational flexibility is a must for all the retail chains. In a normal scenario, when employee moves from one store to another it will be difficult to measure his performance for a given period such as month. This creates problems in Attendance management, commission calculations and other employee rewarding programs employed by the chain.

OptimNet 3.4 helps to develop a common employee database with Unique Employee Ids. When he shifts to another store, he will be moved to the given store in OptimNet 3.4 so that he can start booking orders and sales at that store.

HO can easily pick up the complete sales turnover and other transactions done by him across stores in a given period (say, a month).

This Rotational capability in OptimNet 3.4 has helped retail chains keep employees happy and also exercise control on Human resource allocation.


Daily transactional reports such as orders booked, counter sales made and other transactions will be available to HO as and when it happens.

Sales figures and comparison graphic charts of all the stores are available.

Stock report of a specific item or item type can be searched across stores. For example, availability of Rayban RB 3324 can be taken as follows.

Store Names Store 1 Store 2 Store 3 Warehouse
Qty 12 5 9 22

Complete commercial tax related reports such as sales bills, stocks, Credit notes and debit notes are collected at one central location. No need of employees sending reports manually by e-mails or other means to HO. Stock reports can be taken in various forms from all the stores both individually or on consolidated manner.


Automatic shopping list that shows what’s sold for last 3 months or for any selected period and OptimNet 3.4 suggests the Qty to be purchased based on available stocks at HO & stores.


Customer can do verify the status of their orders on internet or e-mail Inbox or on their Mobile devices.

Sales & stock reports across stores are available in various formats and search options.


Complete customer profile along with his spectacle power prescription can be captured at any store and his transactional records are available across other stores too. A customer can be categorized & rewarded by the purchases he made across all the stores.

This is accompanied by quick customer search tool by one or more combinations of Name, mobile number, profession, age, Date of birth, locality, place of purchase, etc.


All kind of promotional campaigns such as email, SMS campaigns and even automated mail merge print campaigns can be executed with extreme ease from HO itself.

All kind of promotional campaigns such as email, SMS campaigns and even automated mail merge print campaigns can be executed with extreme ease from HO itself.

Credit voucher and gift voucher facility are available as promotional mechanisms.


Only authorized users can use the software with multiple levels of password protection with high security. With access permission settings, different parts of the software can be opened to different users.

Editing of old bills, be it 1 day old or even hours, modifying item prices, Date manipulation, Discount handling can be denied with security settings by Stores' management.

Automatic disaster backup (Multi- gener method) facility of complete database ensures that whole Customer code, dealings.

Customers can be classified into different categories of your choice such as - VIP, Friends & relatives, Areawise & etc. No limit on the number of customer records or his dealings.