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Anush Infobase technical support provides online answers to your technical questions about Anush infobase software products and services. Be it Point of sale appications like Optiware 2.0, or CRM products like AnushCRPack 3.1 or embedded systems, come here for valuable
" How and why's " information by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address

Also the customers can kindly call at 091 080 57624106 for their precious queries to get satisfactory response.

Product Updates
Anush's support team will be constantly updating the latest updates on its products in the product info page of this website. Existing customers might be able to download and upgrade their software using the available links.
Can get to know about few white papers on the fundamentals of Anush's software products which will throw deeper insight into the underlying architecture, usage, performance enhancement tips and others.

Also FAQs and answers are generated and updated by constant customer interactions and out of rich exprience of support team, which would prove highly valuable for the users.

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