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Point of Sale Segment

Optiware 2.0

Optiware 2.0 is a industry's leading software product in reatil optical sector, helps an optician to take care of his everyday business proceedings and inventory in one go. In any optician shop, huge or small, there are four basic business processes amongst many......

Medisoft 1.2

Medisoft 1.2 is a No.1 product in pharmacy retailing and distributor's info management pack. It is aimed at managing daily business process at all levels with inventory as its base model. The product is perfectly suitable for a drug store for its sales, order placing, indenting, business intelligence with its various modules in an integrated fashion.....

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Anush CR Pack 3.1

This is a CRM product targeted for medium scale industries to handle the entire sales process. This application captures information at various stages of the sales cycle, starting from a sales personnel making a cold call to customer, to the customer care aspects.

Salient features of the product are:

Target Definition for New Business and Repeat Business

Expense Head-wise Budgeting

Web enabled Customer Satisfaction Survey

Flash Feature for Critical Areas Of Concerns for the entire sales force

Email Integration: External Mails and Internal Mails

Decision Making Reports: Target Variance, Budget Variance, and Executive Performance.

Branch wise data consolidation

Graphical representation of sales cycle through sales funnel

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This is an ERP solution executed for a banglore based manufacturing company. The ERP application performs the management of all transactions for Purchase order processing, Sales order Processing, MRP, Material Management, Productions, Plant Maintenance, Finance and Central Excise.

Finance Module: Handles all sorts of Voucher Generation

MRP pulls data required for Decision Making in Production

Customizable Accounting Reports

Expert system on costing and budgeting

Complete busienss planning module

Several great features and functionalities

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