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Optiware 2.0
is a software product for an optician to take care of his everyday business proceedings and inventory in one go. In any Optician shop, Huge or small, there are four basic business processes amongst many

Order and delivering the goods

Direct sale called as counter sale

Stock purchase from vendors

Returning the dead stock

Optiware 2.0 manages above said transactions very effectively in a user-friendly manner. In the sales process, inventory is managed automatically.

User can view many reports like order ledger, price list, tomorrow's delivery, amount collected by any type of transaction etc.

Customer survey is also done so that the management of the shop can know how popular is their shop among the people and based on which he can take the decision to improve his business. And many other added features like

Barcode support for all the products in the shop

Graphical representation of sales, customer survey, finance and others

Complete business planning modules

Many others

The product is installed at good number of optical outlets.

To learn more about Optiware 2.0, please do Contact Us.

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