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IT Enabled Services (ITES) are a special form of outsourcing services and are driven by the need of companies worldwide to reduce costs and focus on certain elements of their business. Companies worldwide are facing rapid changes in the environment they operate, affecting their growth and profitability.

IT Enabled Services consist of the application of technology, functional infrastructure and defined methodologies with the objective of providing best-of-breed solutions for outsourced IT-intensive business functions / processes.

As a result, companies are evaluating new options to reduce costs and maximize returns on investments. Outsourcing of people, applications or entire business processes are becoming attractive solutions.

According to a recent survey, depending on the specific activity outsourced and the location of outsourcing, ITES can help companies save upto 40-50 percent of their costs. It includes such functions as Document Management, Finance and Accounting, Knowledge Services, Payroll, Claims Processing etc. Anush infobase delivers consistent, high quality, value-added IT services through a world-class team, highly empowered and committed to exceeding customer expectations.

Our IT enabled Services are

Document management

Forms processing

Text processing

Data warehousing and supportive engines

Industry challenges:
Over the past decade, data warehousing has grown from being a somewhat immature concept to being an invaluable aid for performing sales analysis, financial analysis, logistics, inventory, purchasing and load balancing. The emergence of large-scale Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions in the past few years has only added to the demand for implementation of data warehouses to support decision-making. However, as much as organizations want to realize the much-touted benefits of a data warehouse, it is easy to underestimate the challenges associated with defining and building an appropriate data warehousing solution that provides true "decision support" and "business intelligence," with an acceptable return on investment.

Document management, forms processing, data entry services are supportive to the data warehousing projects.

  Document Management

  Forms Processing

Legal discovery

Document archive

Historic documents

Research documents

Insurance forms

Survey forms

Government forms

Medical claim forms

Our Process

Our Edge

Genuine expertise in the domain of IT Enabled Services.

A dedicated 24 hrs a day support and a single point of contact.

A highly reliable indigenously developed Quality Assurance System and great track record of time bound project completions.

A full life cycle solution ensures your systems keep pace with your business.

Competitive cross-border outsourcing propositions to enable clients make distinctive, sustainable and significant improvements in their business functions.

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