Effective Store Management and Customer service is the key to Optician's success. Anush Infobase is helping Spectacle Retailstores achieve it with power.


  • Complete stock control,huge saving in unnecessary purchases.
  • Controlled money management, reduces leakages of cash.
  • Improved customer service, increase in sales by repeated customers & referrals.
  • Store operations streamlining, reduces losses resulting in cost reduction.
  • Motivated sales team, increases sales to a great extent.


Optician procures Spectacle Frames, Spectacle Lenses, Sun Glasses, Contact Lenses, Solutions, Reading Glasses, Other fashion Eye wears of 100's of brands from multiple sources across the world and places them in stores. Later, create a plan on display, pricing & timing for that.

He must identify right quality and 'in fashion' stock that moves well, take away 'out of fashion' products from display, manage vendors effectively with previous pricing info, solid inventory control, motivate sales team, and more importantly offer great customer service.

Finally Retailer must earn profits and get total control on his business in his absence as well.


The good news is that in order to effectively handle these everyday challenges, Anush Infobase is offering Optiware 2.0, a complete Retail management software suite to the world of Spectacle stores, globally.

This software product is a result of great deal of research in optical practice for a number of years.

Today Optiware 3.2 has got 600+ active customers across Asia and Africa.


  • Classifications such as Frame, Lens, Sunglasses, Contact lenses, Solutions, Reading Glasses, Other fashion eye wears & its sub classifications (brand -> model) possible in very easy manner . Example can be
    • Frames › Gucci › 1865U & optional parameters like Colour, Design like Supra, Full Frame, etc.
    • Lens classification such Plastic / Glass / Polycarbonate, Single Vision / Bi-focal / Progressive, Coating such as Titus, Crizal, Regular Hard coat are taken care very well.


Able to generate Order Form to take Spectacle orders [Frame and / or Lens] and contact lens. Optiware 2.0 also handles Cash Receipt, Delivery bill and Counter sales of Sun Glasses, Frames, Contact lens solutions and anything else. Software is meticulously designed to manage SPH, SPL, CYL, NV, DV, Dia, Curvature and other parameters of Lens and contact lenses in all the related transactions.


Generates daily statement or Day ledger, Monthly ledger that contains each transaction in the shop, plus petty cash very conveniently. This helps to track the Cashbox, card payments very effectively & matching of “cash at the end of the day”in a practical & simple method.

Accounts is taken care fully as per the latest VAT structure & includes input tax, output tax, and VAT payables. Also considers input tax credits, local and interstate purchases, purchases from unregistered dealers and other considerations with high precision.

Manages sales returns from customers and replacements with the customers and distributors very easily incorporating credit note & other mechanisms.


The software gives a unique Item code to each item that comes into the stock and that code is printed on Barcodes Labels via Barcode printer.

The sales via Order Form / Counter Sale billing of each item is executed just by scanning these Barcodes & stock reduces immediately.


Fitters management module provides details on each spectacle fitted by which fitter, his accounts and the payment details.


Doctors references report shows the number of references from various Hospitals / Eye Clinics / Optometrists.


Maintains stock position on sales, New stock arrivals, with 100% precision.

Physical Stock auditing (verification) is extremely quick & easy as its done by scanning the Barcodes of Frames & others.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) takes care of Customer history by their Name, Photo, Date of Birth, code, Previous dealings.


An excellent Eye testing module shall record every customer who comes for Eye -testing. After eye testing user can print a bill charging the customer.

Automatic recalling of customers for eye testing via e-mail / SMS / Letters.


Search engine to check the stock by means of category, brands, style(Supra / Full Frame, etc.,) price, from different suppliers, in a very simple manner.


Only authorized users can use the software with multiple levels of password protection with high security. With access permission settings, different parts of the software can be opened to different users.

Editing of old bills, be it 1 day old or even hours, modifying item prices, Date manipulation, Discount handling can be denied with security settings by Stores' management.

Automatic disaster backup (Multi- gener method) facility of complete database ensures that whole Customer code, dealings.

Customers can be classified into different categories of your choice such as - Silk Sarees, VIP, Friends & relatives, Areawise & etc. No limit on the number of customer records or his dealings.


  • SMS module is integrated with billing, approval after each bill, customer gets an SMS to his mobile from a predefined content. Billing person need not do anything to send SMS.
  • Automatic Date of birth, Marriage Anniversary dates pop up facility on screen each day. User can send greetings by E-mails, SMS, Letters.
  • Sales offers communication to existing customers for festival , new year or other promotional offers, educational content by SMS, e-mail, letters.


Sales personnel are rewarded with commission by sales performance report either based on his total sales.


Local installation & training is available in all cities of India.


Customer support is available in all cities of India and abroad by our dedicated support team.


  • Works with any computer and windows operating system. Integrates with any printer, scanner , wireless data terminal for billing, barcoding & stock verification.
  • Boasts of 100's of installations in India and Asia pacific countries.
  • Can hold 7 million products in stock at any point of time.