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Embedded systems are gaining rapidly in importance and complexity in a relatively short period of time in recent times globally. Both the general mass and business units are in need of embedded technology in day to day dealings. As the requirements take various contours, on the same lines new microprocessors, peripherals, sensors and protocols for communication among these embedded devices are emerging in rapid pace. Each application requirement is unique, based on the business function a device is required to perform.

Anush has tracked these developments being in the field since its inception and carved few products on simple lines.

Technologies and Expertise
Anush infobase specializes in technologies like C, C++, Assembly, Java, VB on embedded Linux and Windows CE, processors like intel 8051 microcontrollers, Motorola 68000, Texas instruments DSPs, ARM, MIPS, SPARC and PowerPC.

At Anush Infobase, the focus is on the following categories.

Real time embedded systems

Digital signal processing (DSP)

We work with

Intel 8085/8086 series and X86 series Processors

Intel 8051 microcontrollers

Atmel 89 series of microcontrollers

PowerPC processor


TI and Analog DSPs

Microchip PIC microcontrollers

Various simulators, emulators etc.

Skills and tools - C, C++, ADA, assembly, X86 assembly, DSP assembly, TCL/TK.

Application Area
Anush has provided its services to industrial segments such as Control electronics, power management, Medical electronics.


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