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Revolution in internet technologies and its usage certainly demands the companies to harness its power and offer parallel solutions to its customers. The Business model has to necessarily adopt a webcentric model in order to reap the total benifits that web is offering. Simple needs of customers to transfer funds between two accounts across the borders or execute an insurance claim or even buying a book or mobile phone on internet provides great convenience to customers and offers abundant possibility in business growth for companies and value addition to customers.

The new digital world is making a business to transform itself into e-business. It is imperative that organizations define the right strategy, adopt a viable business model, and choose wisely among the varied technology options.

Our solution
At Anush infobase, We offer both end-to-end e-commerce solution or packaged customization and exclusive maintenance of webportals - which act as true window for commerce on internet. We apply our capabilities to its depth to give the best and the most fitting solution at that place of need.

An e-commerce solution typically involves integration issues, application issues, content management, metrics/performance, and scalability. We offer following major e-commerce services namely Enterprise Portals, e-Payment, and Custom e-Solutions. Execution rapidity is achieved through our proprietary methodology.

Anush eBusiness solutions help e-business evolve to new dimensions.

e-portal solution

e-payment solution

Web enabling solution

Mobile commerce solution

Technology consulting
Anush infobase consulting team guides the IT management of the customer firm in outlining their raw needs and sophisticated requirements, in the architecture and information system that enables the organization to develop into e-business enabled. Consultants in this service specialize in eBusiness implementation and have an in-depth knowledge of the current eBusiness products, state-of-the Art design and architecture approaches, as well as component-based implementation techniques.

The end-to-end eBusiness implementation of the solution will actually mean 'from architecture to hosting, deployment and support'. Anush infobase' product certificate team offers leadership guidelines to the organizations with configuration and selection of the hardware, software and network components of the proposed solution.

Anush advantage
It is indeed a positive sign for the businesses that Organizations worldwide are getting aware about eBusiness being not just about web-enabling existing systems or business processes. It means leveraging the power of Internet technologies for the benefit of all.

Once oranizations who decided to e-Enable their business can contact our e-BiZ people to reap the maximum advantages. You will get the benifits of Identifying opportunities for improvement, extending, enhancing or transforming business processes, choosing wisely among available options, creating, building, and deploying eBusiness solutions rapidly. Infact, these are keys to success.

eBusiness also means and contains the creation of new revenue streams, maximising existing ones, optimising supply chains, fostering strong customer relationships or gaining insights from enterprise information. organizations enjoy integrated multi-channel eBusiness solutions using the right technologies.

For a large agricultural seed Research and manufacturing company from India with 21 different operational locations offering hybrid seeds,plants and other diversified agricultural products, Anush infobase guided them to develop a clean e-business model on a plain B2B architecture.


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