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Anush Infobase
is a impressive pool of fast-paced, success-oriented, visionary individuals fuelled by talent, skills, and the expertise who are always giving the best in industry. The company is on high successful scale of growth mainly because of the fact that people work out of total contentment, commitment, great team work, unparalled skill set, and of course, great health of body and mind.

Driven by constant improvement in knowledge, expertise and the burning desire to achieve the high standards set in all areas of operation, be it Design, Development, Quality, Customer Service and Support, Marketing. Naturally, attracting the needy clients from all over for getting world-class service and products.

The projects are shipped in various business domains - viz., Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Education, retail and consumer packaging, collective investment, warehousing, pharmacy, Manufacturing, and New economy corporate consulting groups and others for both IT and Non-IT segments. We have also successfully provided few critical internet applications to IT business units which in turn got shipped to their clients.

Our Philosophy
At Anush Infobase, the philosophy is simple. Think, plan, execute, deliver and maintain a great relationship with the client. Ready always - to achieve highest customer satisfaction.

Anush Corporate history
Anush started its operations in the year 1999 and got established in the year 2001 to address the growing need for true quality solutions and products for all organizations and individuals around the world. The initial focus was to demonstrate ourselves as a company of true quality services, great technical support in all the niche areas. The focus was further continued on building motivated teams in each area of operation such as design, development, quality check, spanning Business software solutions, Point of sale apps, web development, Embedded systems.
Consequently, the result is glaringly obvious by the success graph we have achieved in a short span of time. At Anush we are a contented lot.

Project management methodology
Our project management methodology is at a very excellent class of quality, adding great value to our customers through continuous process improvements while our Technology Practices provide answers to the most critical technology challenges prevalent in the current environment.
Anush is one of the leading consulting companies in India for offshore outsourcing companies. Our long lasting client relationships are proof of our successful offshore outsourcing implementations and our technical and managerial strengths.

The recent projects bagged by Anush gives the world a sign of a nicely growing young IT union projecting to become one of the top software companies in India.

Anush infobase' global operation bases are carefully located with commitment to its vision in order to span the globe uniformly.

Company Organogram
Teams inside Anush Infobase are broadly placed as

Board of directors




House keeping
The organogram shows a strict boundary among the people in operation. However, each employee is always trained to trigger his responsibility without any boundaries.

Why Anush Infobase for IT solutions?
People come to Anush Infobase with the guaranteed confidence that the people at Anush deliver what they assure and well within the timeline contracted, excellent quality of the end product and of course, constant surefire customer support . The needy organizations turn to Anush by the corporate references, institutional and individual character references and word of mouth as well.

The corporate culture whose salient points are simplicity and commitment has been built over time and slowly evolving with the customer needs. This ability to transform ourselves being committed to our vision is one of the key attractions to our customers.

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